EMS Training


EMS training is muscle stimulation using electrical impulses.
The concept of EMS is derived from physiotherapy and has been applied to physical training, which makes EMS training the most effective training method of the present day.
Muscle electrostimulation is great for reducing body fat, shaping the figure and improving the condition.

During a 20-minute training session, all muscle groups work simultaneously, with much greater intensity.

During one training session, depending on the intensity, you can burn from 500 to 1200 kcal.
This is a time saving compared to conventional gym training.
One 20-minute workout with EMS is a 90-minute classic workout.

The effects of training are visible after 8-10 training sessions.
What are the advantages?
Who is EMS for?
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You spend 30 minutes training and burn 800 kcal!


It helps to get rid of back pain, strengthens the muscle corset weakened as a result of sitting work.


You will notice a significant decrease in body fat, improvement of efficiency or reduction of cellulite after 4-6 weeks.


Ems training is completely safe, electrostimulation has been used in physiotherapy for many years. You train without load, saving your joints, and the tener takes care of a safe technique.

keep up the metabolism

During training, all muscle groups work at the same time, thanks to which we burn fat up to 48 hours after its completion!

keep youth

Training delays the aging process of the body through its health-related effect on the hormones of youth, skin quality and well-being.

What is EMS training?

The EMS method, i.e. muscle electrostimulation, is based on inducing intense tissue contractions using electrical impulses, not machines, weights or debilitating cardio. This is done through a system of special electrodes located on the overalls worn by the trainee. The specific armor is relatively light, does not restrict movements and works with a dedicated computer operated by an experienced trainer.

What are the benefits of EMS training?

Even twice as fast fat reduction, shorter workouts and much better condition of the joints are just a few advantages of a professional EMS. Electrostimulation training has been studied for almost 100 years. The development of technology made it from physiotherapy offices or Olympic centers to the interior of gyms and became available for recreational training. It is a method recommended especially for busy people who expect instant body effects from training.

Who is EMS for?

For everyone, there are no age restrictions.
Electrostimulation is a great way to kill training boredom - the session provides an unforgettable experience, allowing you to get to know the smallest (and weakest) muscles of your body. It is an excellent proposition for people who want to slim their figure quickly, for players of all sports disciplines, For people who do not want to lose shape after an injury or struggle with pain, e.g. Ems back as rehabilitation. We don't have to run 1.5 hours with EMS, four times a week. The same effects become available in two 30-minute electrostimulation sessions.

Does EMS training hurt?

Many people intuitively interpret electrical impulses as pain inflicted on the muscles. However, this is only a myth - EMS training can be very pleasant (especially in the relaxation phase) or extremely demanding, but never painful. The intensity of contraction is separately regulated for the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back and biceps, enabling a dynamic change of training load. Electrostimulation accelerates the body's metabolism, therefore it is recommended to rest at least 2 days between consecutive sessions. Taking care of proper regeneration, we will take advantage of all the advantages of this method.
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