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EMS training is muscle stimulation using electrical impulses.
The concept of EMS is derived from physiotherapy and has been applied to physical training, which makes EMS training the most effective training method of the present day.
Muscle electrostimulation is great for reducing body fat, shaping the figure and improving the condition.

During a 20-minute training session, all muscle groups work simultaneously, with much greater intensity.
The effects of training are visible after 8-10 training sessions.
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You spend 30 minutes training and burn 800 kcal!


It helps to get rid of back pain, strengthens the muscle corset weakened as a result of sitting work.


You will notice a significant decrease in body fat, improvement of efficiency or reduction of cellulite after 4-6 weeks.


Ems training is completely safe, electrostimulation has been used in physiotherapy for many years. You train without load, saving your joints, and the tener takes care of a safe technique.

keep up the metabolism

During training, all muscle groups work at the same time, thanks to which we burn fat up to 48 hours after its completion!

keep youth

Training delays the aging process of the body through its health-related effect on the hormones of youth, skin quality and well-being.

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