Agnieszka Szmatuła

I am a certified personal trainer and a totally crazy person about sports and a healthy lifestyle.

I know how to motivate you, infect you with a passion for physical activity and persuade you to change your eating habits. Especially since it is based on my example!

I deal with:

  • personal training
  • EMS training

I approach my tasks very carefully and with dedication. I will take care of every detail of your exercise, and at the same time motivate you to act outside the training room.

Konrad Zgraja

I am a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, specializing in physical education and corrective and compensatory gymnastics. I obtained the Personal Trainer License of the IFAA international fitness academy.

I am passionate about all forms of physical activity. In working with my students, I believe in a holistic approach to training. I systematically develop my interests in the field of nutrition and training by taking part in trainings and courses conducted by the best specialists in the country. The acquired knowledge is the foundation of my work.

Magdalena Prończuk

I am a certified personal trainer (PRK4, EQF4), a kinezygerontoprophylaxis instructor (PRK4, EQF4) and a fitness instructor (EHFA). I am studying physiotherapy and I am in the process of specializing in nutrition and supplementation in sport at the University of Physical Education in Katowice.

In addition to various training methods shaping the figure or preparing motorically for other sports, he deals with medical training in pain units and after injuries. I help people get back to health and fitness.

Man is my greatest passion. The desire for continuous education combined with experience allows me to achieve the best training results by adjusting the plan to your individual characteristics and goals. And my primary goal is your health.

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